DXRacer Na`Vi Edition

DXRacer Na`Vi Edition

With DXRacer chair you can forget about any "offline damage" like when you got a pain in your back or feel some discomfort in your neck after playing all night through. 


DXRacer chairs are designed in such a way that all their curves support a spinal column entirely, from pelvis to neck. That's why sitting in DXRacer chair is both incredibly comfortable and beneficial to your health.


In addition, these chairs can be adjusted easily, so you can regulate a backrest tilt, arms and seat height. It's a must have for any gamer, professional or not, so NA`VI players use these chairs in the gaming house, and some of them have DXRacer at home as well.

DXRacer gives you maximum comfort, and nothing will distract you from playing.



  • exclusive design from NA`VI
  • full support for your spinal column
  • steel framework with a lifetime warranty
  • high-quality durable materials
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